Instrument Security Procedures for E4448A

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Obsolescence Date:

Model Number: E4448A

Product Name: PSA Spectrum Analyzer

Short Description:
3 Hz to 50 GHz High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer that measures and monitors complex RF, microwave, and mmWave signals.

512 MB (nominal) internal data storage.

Security Summary:
PSA high-performance spectrum analyzers offer 4 levels of security: 1) Display manipulation; 2) Secure erase all memory; 3) User file deletion; and 4) Read-only file mounting. While levels 1) and 2) are standard feature for all the PSA instruments, levels 3) and 4) require PSA Option 117. Both "Secure Erase All" and "Secure Erase User" comply with DSS criteria per NISPOM Chapter 8 and Clearing and Sanitization Matrix, Rev. June 27, 2005. Refer to Agilent PSA Option 117 Secure Memory Erase and Instrument Sanitization" for more details -

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