Receiver Test Waveforms


This topic describes the function of Option 104, Arbitrary Waveform File Download.

The N4010A WLAN Test DLL, and the WLAN Virtual Front Panel can be used to download waveform (segment) files to the N4010A. The N4010A Waveform RAM contains nine standard files that comply with the IEEE 802.11a/b/g specification testing.

Option 104 provides the download path to the test set for non-encrypted arbitrary waveform files. These files can be created in either Option 204 Signal Studio for WLAN or MATLAB. When uploaded from the test set using option 104 the files are encrypted and can be used in any option 102/103/108 equipped test set.

Creating Arbitrary Waveform Files

To create and use arbitrary waveform files the following are required:

Option 204 Signal Studio for WLAN or MATLAB is used to create the waveform files. The file is downloaded to the test set. An option 104 license must be installed in the destination test set when the new, un-encrypted files are downloaded for the first time.

Uploading the file from the test set using option 104 encrypts the file which can be saved to your PC or shared storage. This enables files created for EUT and test development to be subsequently used for manufacturing test. In this form it can be downloaded to any option 102/103 equipped test set, there is no need for additional option 104 licenses. The encrypted segment file can be called as required by your test executive program.