View WPA Log

Last Updated: 2011-06-23

The View WPA Log tab is used to view any WPA log file (*.tol).

Available Activities

Open Log File -This action allows you to open any WPA log file (*.tol) within the Interactive Functional Test Software. You can have several WPA log files open at one time. Each WPA log file that is open has a tab with the file name as its label, so you can easily distinguish which file is in focus.

Close File - This action closes the WPA log file currently in focus.

Display Stack - This action displays the protocol stack for the currently selected format.

Analyzing the WPA log file

Each file is displayed with a split screen. The top screen is the traffic overview, which is the list of sequentially logged messages. The bottom screen is the decode view for the highlighted message. For each open file there are several features that you can access by right-clicking in the traffic overview to help you analyze the open files. These features are:

Figure 1: Log Viewer Example



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Additional information can be found in the WPA user's guide that is accessible via WPA.