GSM Frame Erasure Rate (FER) Measurement Description

GSM Frame Erasure Rate (FER) Measurement Description

Last updated: December 2, 2008

This section is only applicable to the lab applications and is not applicable to GPRS or EGPRS.

You can use the GSM Frame Erasure Rate (FER) measurement to verify the mobile station's reference sensitivity for control channels.

How is the FER Measurement Made?

The test set measures FER by sending a Layer 3 message that does not require a Layer 3 response from the mobile station. It does require acknowledgment in the form of an RR frame from the mobile station. When the test set does not receive the RR frame in acknowledgment, it retransmits the Layer 2 message. The test set counts the number of times it resends Layer 2 messages.

The test set uses an MM Information message with all the optional fields omitted for the Layer 3 message.

You can make the Frame Erasure Rate Measurement on a full-rate FACCH channel (FACCH/F) or a half-rate FACCH channel (FACCH/H).

Operating Considerations

The FER measurement can only be performed in Active Cell Operating Mode.

The connection type must be Auto.

FER Measurement Parameters

FER Measurement Results

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