Programming a Channel Mode Change

Programming a Channel Mode Change

Last updated: December 3, 2008

Channel Mode Change is not applicable to GPRS or EGPRS.

This section provides an example of how to change a mobile station's channel mode to enhanced full rate speech via GPIB while a call is connected and a measurement is running.

The following procedure assumes that an active link is established between the test set and the mobile station. See Establishing an Active GSM Link with the Mobile Station .

  1. Ensure the mobile is initially in full rate speech channel mode.
  2. Configure the parameters for the measurement(s) you want to run using the SETup subsystem.
  3. Start the measurement(s) using the INITiate subsystem.
  4. Change the mobile's channel mode to enhanced full rate speech.
  5. Use the INITiate:DONE? command to find out if the measurement results are available.
  6. Use the FETCh? command to obtain the measurement results.

Programming Example

The following program uses the TX Power measurement to show how to change the channel mode to enhanced full rate speech while a measurement is running. The TX Power measurement is chosen because it is one of the measurements that is supported in enhanced full rate speech mode.

10    OUTPUT 714;"CALL:TCHANNEL:CMODE FRSPEECH" !Ensure mobile is in
20                        !full rate speech channel mode initially.
30    OUTPUT 714;"SETUP:TXPOWER:CONTINUOUS OFF" !Configures trigger                 
40                        !mode to single for a TX Power measurement.
50    OUTPUT 714;"SETUP:TXPOWER:COUNT:NUMBER 100" !Configures a
60                        !multi measurement of 100.
80                        !trigger source to auto.
90    OUTPUT 714;"INITIATE:TXPOWER" !Start TX Power measurement.
100   OUTPUT 714;"CALL:TCHANNEL:CMODE EFRSPEECH" !Sets the channel
110                       !mode to enhanced full rate speech while
120                       !the TX Power measurement is running.
130   REPEAT
140   OUTPUT 714;"INITIATE:DONE?" !Check to see if TX Power
150                       !measurement is complete.
160   ENTER 714;Meas_complete$
170   UNTIL Meas_complete$="TXP"
180   OUTPUT 714;"FETCH:TXPOWER:ALL?" !Fetch TX Power results.
190   ENTER 714;Integrity,Avg_tx_pwr
200   PRINT "TX Power Measurement Results"
210   PRINT "Integrity=";Integrity
220   PRINT "TX Power=";Avg_tx_pwr
230   END

Returned Values

The measurements returned by this program are:

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