How the Test Set Performs a Dualband Handover

How the Test Set Performs a Dualband Handover

Last updated: December 3, 2008

The dualband handover function has been implemented as an interband channel assignment for GSM and a packet timeslot reconfigure for GPRS and EGPRS, rather than an interband handover, since the test set currently has one BCH (cell).

The test set has the ability to switch traffic channels from:

No other combinations of traffic channel band handovers are supported. Also, the traffic channel band can only be changed when an active link exists between the test set and a mobile station. See Establishing an Active GSM Link with the Mobile Station or for GPRS and EGPRS see, Step 4: Make a Connection .

There are parameters that can be set up to take on different values depending on the broadcast band currently selected. These are called Frequency Banded Parameters . After a handover, the frequency banded parameters for the new band are active. Only one set of frequency banded parameters is active at any one time. However, you can set up any of the traffic channel parameters for bands involved in the handover because the test set remembers the settings and switches to them when the handover occurs.

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