Phase and Frequency Error Troubleshooting

Phase and Frequency Error Troubleshooting

Last updated: June 29, 1999

Possible Setup Issues

During remote operation of the Phase and Frequency Error measurement you should configure the trigger arm to single, see SETup:PFERror:CONTinuous .

If the trigger arm is not set to single, the measurement may not return a result. When trigger arm is continuous the measurement rearms itself and starts another measurement cycle, during remote operation the FETCh query may not be synchronized to the measurement cycle, see Measurement States .

The Manual Frequency must be offset by +/- 67.7083 kHz in order to measure non-bursted or non-GMSK modulated signals.

If the Trigger Source is set to RF Rise and the signal measured is not burst modulated the measurement will wait until aborted or timed out.

If the input signal is more than 10 dB below the Expected Power, see Expected Power Control or if the input signal is below -30 dBm there is not enough power to generate an RF Rise trigger so the measurement will hang.

Interpreting Integrity Indicator values

See Integrity Indicator .

If the signal has both over range (5) and under range (6) conditions only the over range (5) is indicated.

Syn Not Found (11) will be returned if the measurement Burst Synchronization is set to Midamble synchronized and Expected Burst pattern is not set to TSC0 through TSC7, or RACH. see CALL:BURSt .

If the burst is not continuous in a flexible timeslot configuration, for example, if the total number of uplink bursts is 6 and the bursts are transmited in TS0, TS1, TS2, TS4, TS5 and TS6 respectively, then valid results will be returned for burst 1, 2, and 3, Sync Not Found (11) will be returned for burst 4, 5, 6 and 7.