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Bandwidth Upgrade Kit Wizard

This wizard provides the specific upgrade kit items to order based on instrument model, frequency and installed options. Upgrading analysis bandwidth on an X-Series future-ready signal analyzer may require ordering several individual items / options depending on desired bandwidth, existing instrument configuration and vintage.

Select the product you would like to upgrade:

Select your desired bandwidth:

Desired Bandwidth Help

What is your current bandwidth?

Desired Bandwidth Help

What frequency option is installed on your analyzer?
(If a frequency range upgrade option will be installed at the same time, select the frequency option to which the analyzer is being upgraded.)

Do you have the options DP2 or MPB currently installed?

The items you will order to complete your selected upgrade:

Upgrade Help
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To determine instrument serial number prefix (first six characters of the serial number) if required; use Show System or look at rear panel serial tag
Press [System], {Show}, {System} on the analyzer and verify the “Desired bandwidth” does not already appear in the show system
Press [System], {Show}, {System} on the analyzer and verify the “current bandwidth” and "option(s)" appear in the show system in order for the Upgrade items to be valid. Other options may also appear.