Real Time

Test Case Manager Software

In addition to easily creating complex 3GPP test signals,the software provides flexibility in instrument selection and use. When test signals are generated through the use of waveform files, some tests provide the flexibility to combine signals into a single file. This capability reduces the number of instruments needed for a test. To determine which test clauses allow signal combining, refer to the test discussion topics:

For more information on waveform files, see the Waveform Files topic.

AWGN Interferer

While the AWGN is an interferer, it does not require its own instrument. It is generated on the same instrument that outputs the signal. For information on setting the AWGN state, see the State Checkbox Behavior topic.

Test Signal Downloads

When the Execute button is clicked, the software downloads all of the test settings to the connected instruments. The amount of information that is downloaded depends on the test, the test settings, and the number of signals. Because this varies by test selection, the amount of time it takes to download the test signals varies. There are other factors that also determine the amount of time it takes to download the signals such as the processor speed of the PC running the software, and the connection between the PC and instruments. An example of a test the may take a few minutes to download is the LTE Clause 8 test, 8.3.3 ACK missed detection for multi user PUCCH format 1a. This test uses a wanted signal, three interferer signals, and an AWGN interferer.

While downloading the signals, the software constantly displays a status bar as to it current actions such as initializing instruments, generating waveforms, and attempting to apply signal generator settings. While the software is downloading the information, the software GUI lightens and the status bar is in the foreground. If the download fails for any reason, the software displays the error message in the message bar.