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Transferring the Test Parameters into Signal Studio

To use this process, you must have the appropriately licensed Signal Studio software installed on your Windows operating system (PC or Windows-based instrument) and have exported the test settings (not all settings can be exported).

The Test Case Manager software provides the ability to transfer most test settings into the appropriate Signal Studio software. After opening the file in Signal Studio, use the Signal Studio software to modify the test parameters and download the waveform to an instrument. While Signal Studio provides a more complex test setting environment, this environment allows for greater control over modifying the test parameters.

This process transfers only the settings from the Common Settings node and the selected test,and excludes any instrument settings that may be included with the test settings. Because the instrument settings are not included, there is no need to connect or configure an instrument.

The test settings cannot be transferred from the Signal Studio software into Test Case Manager
  1. Configure the test parameters:

    Because instrument settings are not included in the export settings file, ignore the link in the tutorials for configuring the instruments.

  2. Click File > Export Signal Studio Setting...

    This launches the Save As dialog box.

  3. Using the Save As dialog box, navigate to the desired file storage location, name the file, and click Save.

    This saves the file with a .scp extension.

  4. Open the appropriate Signal Studio Software.

  5. In the Signal Studio software, select File > Open.

    This launches the Signal Studio software Open Settings File dialog box.

  6. Use the Open Settings File dialog box to navigate to the previously saved Test Case Manager .scp file, and click Open.

    The test settings, excluding any instrument settings, are loaded into the Signal Studio software.

  7. In the Signal Studio software, perform the followings tasks. If needed, refer to the Signal Studio software help for information on performing the tasks:

    1. Connect to an instrument using the System Configuration Wizard.

    2. Modify the test settings as needed.

    3. Download the test waveform to the instrument.