Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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Keysight M8194A, M8195A, and M8196A AWGs

FlexDCA can directly control Keysight M8194/5/6A Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) which are AXIe based modules. With an AWG, you can perform stimulus/response testing, download FlexDCA waveforms to the AWG, and quickly configure the AWG using either an easy-to-use FlexDCA dialog box or by sending a few SCPI commands to FlexDCA. You can configure up to four AWG channels with each channel configured as data or clock.

The following picture shows a typical AWG AXIe configuration including chassis, modules, and front-panel connectors. The AXIe chassis contains an M8194/5/6A AWG module, an Embedded Controller module, and a System Module.

Critical Concepts!

  • AWGs are connected to FlexDCA as extended module in a Flex-on-SFP connection. Like other extended modules (DCA-X, DCA-M, and simulated), you'll use the Extended Module Configuration dialog box. The difference is how FlexDCA communicates with the AXIe chassis and understanding this is critical to your success.
  • Installation steps vary on the availability of an Embedded Controller module. The AWG modules reside in an AXIe chassis which includes a System Module. The AXIe chassis may or may not include an Embedded Controller module, which is a Windows PC on an AXIe card.
  • Available test setups vary on the availability of an Embedded Controller module.
  • All FlexDCA-to-AWG communication is handled by the AWG's Soft Front Panel (SFP) application. The AWG SFP applicaton provides the AWG's Graphical User Interface (GUI). With a Flex-on-SFP connection FlexDCA's GUI and remote commands are sent to the AWG SFP which in turn controls the AWG AXIe module. Because of this relationship, the SFP must always be running before connecting FlexDCA to the AWG.

Next step: Make a Flex-on-SFP connection.

Remote Control of the AWG

You can remotely connect to and change the setting of an M8194/5/6A AWG using the commands found in the :EMODules subsystem.