N1000A DCA-X


N1000A DCA-X

The N1000A DCA-X is documented in this help system with information about the front panel, FlexDCA Graphical User Interface (GUI), and remote programming. Because the N1000A and 86100D (in standard mode) both use the FlexDCA GUI, if you are familiar with using the 86100D, you already know how to use the N1000A. The N1000A can be used with a large assortment of DCA-X modules. See the Modules Supported sidebar in this topic.

The N1000A can be ordered with the hardware options listed in the following table.

N1000A Options
N1000A Option Description
N1000A-STB Standard Timebase
N1000A-LOJ Low Jitter Timebase
N1000A-PLK Pattern Lock
N1000A-PTB Precision Timebase (requires Option LOJ)
N1000A-C0C Certificate of Calibration
N1000A-UK6 Commercial Cal Certificate with Test Data
N1000A-AFP Module filler panel, 1/4 bay width. To order a replacement or additional filler panel, up part number 86101-60017.
N1000A-AX4 Rack Mount Flange Kit
N1000A-AXE Rack Mount Flange Kit with Handles

The following table compares a few features between the two mainframes. You can refer to N1000A specifications and 86100D specifications for more details.

N1000A vs 86100D Feature Comparison
Feature N1000A86100D
FlexDCA Graphical User Interface
FlexDCA SCPI Programming Commands
Remote Connection
Module Types
Mini Modules
Two-Slot Modules
(reduced set)
Internal 86100D Modules
Slots 1, 2, 3, 4 Reserved
Slots 1, 2, 3, 4 Available
Extended Modules
Slots 1, 2, 3, 4 Available
Slots 5, 6, 7, 8 Available
Simulated Modules
N1090A DCA-M Single Optical Channel Sampling Oscilloscope
N4877A CDR
External Instrument
Module (Vertical, Clock Recovery, Precision Timebase)
Dark (Extinction Ratio)
Optical (O/E)
Horizontal Skew
Waveform Signal Processing
Jitter Spectrum Analysis and Clock Recovery Emulation (JSA)
DCA-X Applications
Differential Deskew Adjust
Fixture Deskew Adjust
Probe Setup
SIRC (System Impulse Response Correction)
Undo, Redo, and History
TDR Measurements
RZ Eye Measurements
Graphical NRZ Mask editor
Jitter Mode Frequency Results
Jitter Mode SRJ Spectrum
Jitter Mode PJ Waveforms
External trigger scaling
Gated Trigger