Drive-C Recovery

This hard disk drive recovery re-images the drive-C partition, only. Because the factory backup image resides on the hard disk, no external media is required to recover drive C. After the recovery process is complete, the Infiniium DCA firmware is set to the version installed when the factory image was created. If needed, you can upgrade the instrument software.

When performing this recovery procedure, all application license files and user files (including data files) are left unchanged. However, in case of a problem, you may want to make a backup of your data before you begin. After the procedure completes, the Windows Setup Wizard will automatically run.

Print out this topic so that you can refer to it during the recovery procedure.

  1. Connect a keyboard to the instrument.
  2. Press the ON/Standby switch to turn on the instrument. When the Windows Boot Manager screen appears, press the keyboard's down-arrow key to select "Instrument Image Recovery System". Then, press the Enter key.
  3. Follow the displayed prompts to recover the original factory system image.
  4. When the Windows setup dialog box appears, read the license agreement and, if you accept the agreement, select I accept this agreement. Then, click Next. Other displayed screens can be ignored as the correct selection will be automatically made after a brief period of time.
  5. If you do not accept this agreement, the instrument installation will abort.

  6. The setup procedure is completed when the instrument screen appears.