Drive-D Restoration

Drive D on the instrument's hard disk contains all user files including data files. It also includes backup copies of application license files and factory calibration (86100D only) that are automatically created from Drive C by the instrument. To restore drive D back to factory defaults, you must reformat the partition using the Windows format utility. Formatting will erase all data on drive D.

Performing a Drive C Recovery immediately after formatting the D partition (without restarting the instrument) results in the loss of factory calibration (86100D only) and any application license files. Always turn off and then restart the instrument after performing the Drive-D Restoration procedure.

  1. Click File > Exit to close the FlexDCA application.
  2. Click Start to view Windows Administrator.
  3. Click My Computer and select the USER (D:) drive.
  4. On the File menu, click Format > Start, and then OK. Do not change the default setup. Leave the Format Options selections unchecked.
  5. When the Format Complete dialog box appears, click OK.
  6. Click Close
  7. Turn off and then restart the instrument. The instrument automatically performs the following tasks:
    • Creates the original factory folders on drive D
    • Creates backup copies of the factory calibration and any application license files that reside on drive C.