Advanced Eye DJ (δ-δ)

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The Advanced Eye DJ (σ-σ) measurement measures the DJ and can use an optional fixed RJ to perform jitter decomposition. When the measurement is selected, the Select Measurement Settings dialog appears with the Fix RJ field for entering an RJ Value that you have previously measured. This value of RJ is often measured using a shorter pattern. The Fix RJ and RJ Value fields can be configured from any of the advanced eye RJ, DJ, Jn, or TJ setup dialog boxes.

Changing the Fix RJ or RJ Value setting in any of the RJ, DJ, Jn, or TJ setup dialog boxes changes the setting in the remaining three dialog boxes.

Advanced eye leverages the DCA-X's ability to measure ultra-low levels of Random Jitter (RJ). This can be used to obtain fixed RJ values.

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