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Use this dialog box tab to save single-valued waveform data to a file. The default user data folder for saving screen images files is \Waveforms. Your saved files can be imported into FlexDCA's waveform memory by cllicking File > Waveform Memory. This works for all Waveform file types except VSA format files.

To save waveform data to a file

  1. If more than one source signal is shown in the dialog box, select the signal that you want to save. Valid sources can be:
    • Channel (if gray scale or color grade display mode is on)
    • Math function
  2. Click Browse if you don't want to use the default file name or folder.
  3. Select any available options.
  4. Click Save to save the file.

File Names

After a default setup, the file name assigned to a setup file takes the form Waveform_2017-04-08_1.wfmx. As you can see in this example, the incremented number "_1" is automatically appended after the date field. With each subsequent file save, this number is incremented. Appending an autogenerated number helps to prevent the accidental writing over of an existing file.

If you click Browse, you can replace this automatically generated name with any name that you like. For example, my_file.jpg. In this case, the first file saved will be my_file.wfmx. If you have cleared Close Dialog After Saving, the next file will have the characters "_1" appended as in my_file_1.wfmx. This autonumber will automatically be increased on each subsequent save. If you select Close Dialog After Saving, the default file name reverts back to the form Waveform_<date><autonumber> as described at the beginning of this section.

If you enter a file name that has an arbitrary number appended, for example this_file_57.wfmx, FlexDCA will detect this and save the subsequent file as this_file_58.wfmx.

Available File Types

The file types shown in the dialog box's Select File Type list depends on the instrument mode, pattern lock state, and Acquire Entire Pattern setting as shown in the following table. The Acquire Entire Pattern setting is located in the Acquisition Setup dialog box. Acquiring the entire pattern requires pattern lock turned on.

Available Waveform File Types (Oscilloscope and Eye/Mask Modes)
Waveform Type File Name
Acquire Entire Pattern Setting
Off On
Waveform (Internal) .wfmx
Waveform (Y-value) .txt  
Waveform (XY-value) .txt  
Pattern Waveform (Internal) .wfmx  
Pattern Waveform .csv  
VSA recording (comma delimited) .csv  
VSA recording (tab delimited) .txt  
Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) dataset format .ds
Available Waveform File Types (TDR Mode)
File Type File Name
Waveform (Y-value) .txt
Waveform (Internal) .wfmx

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