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FlexRT is a special feature in FlexDCA that allows FlexDCA to actively receive a Keysight UXR-series oscilloscope's waveform and perform measurement on that waveform. FlexRT is automatically enabled whenever a UXR-series oscilloscope is connected to FlexDCA.

FlexDCA is factory installed on Keysight's UXR-series Infiniium oscilloscopes, and can also be downloaded from the following URL: https://www.keysight.com/find/FlexDCA.

On the UXR-series oscilloscope, FlexDCA is started with FlexRT enabled by clicking the oscilloscope's Analyze > Launch FlexRT menu commands.

When FlexRT is enabled, the UXR's waveform is passed to FlexRT where internal clock recovery is performed and then the waveform displayed. FlexRT's clock recovery PLL can be configured to meet your needs. FlexRT can perform TDECQ measurements as well as other Eye and Scope mode measurements using the same algorithms as is used by FlexDCA on a DCA-X sampling oscilloscope. FlexDCA's Jitter and TDR/TDT modes are not available when FlexRT is enabled.

FlexDCA running on a PC can be connected to a remote UXR oscilloscope via the LAN. This capability is only available when FlexDCA is installed on a PC and not when FlexDCA is on a DCA-X. To connect FlexDCA to the UXR oscilloscope with FlexRT enabled, click Setup > Infiniium Connection Setup on FlexDCA's menu. When operating FlexDCA in this manner, the menu commands that do not apply to the UXR oscilloscope are displayed.

Remote Control

To remotely control FlexDCA with FlexRT enabled using SCPI commands, refer to the Programmer's Guide help. Although this picture shows the script running on a remote PC, you could run your script directly on the UXR scope.

N7005A 60 GHz O/E converter for UXR-Series Oscilloscope

When using Keysight's new N7005A 60 GHz optical-to-electrical converter, the UXR-series oscilloscope with FlexRT can perform optical measurements such as TDECQ (Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Quaternary).

Usage Notes

The UXR scope's front panel controls are disabled while FlexRT is running.

When FlexDCA is running with FlexRT enabled, only FlexRT compatible menus, modes (Eye and Oscilloscope), toolbars, and results panels are available and displayed or clickable. In remote control, only FlexRT compatible SCPI commands are available, which are documented in the Programmer's Guide help.

FlexRT does not need or use FlexDCA's Pattern Lock capability. As a result, you can ignore any references within this help about using Pattern Lock.

When using an N7005A optical probe it is best to connect the probe before starting FlexRT. Always perform a dark calibration from FlexRT.

FlexRT Help

This help documents using both FlexDCA and FlexDCA with the FlexRT feature selected.

Many help topics include a legend (shown at the top of this topic) below the topic title. This legend shows if the topic's information applies to FlexDCA, FlexDCA with FlexRT selected, the FlexPLL application, or any combination of FlexDCA, FlexRT, or FlexPLL. FlexPLL is a separate application that is based on FlexDCA and runs on a DCA-X oscilloscope or PC.

Licenses & Firmware Versions

FlexRT does not require any licenses to run on a UXR-series oscilloscope. Licenses are only required if you want to use licensed FlexDCA features within FlexRT. Examples of features that do not require licenses (in FlexDCA or FlexRT) are waveform acquisition and eye diagrams, markers, histograms, channel bandwidth limiting, channel interpolation, and software clock recovery for channels.

If you want to run FlexRT on a PC that is connected to a remote UXR oscilloscope, you will need FlexDCA's Research and Development (RND) license.

If you want to make TDECQ measurements on FlexRT, you will need either FlexDCA's Research and Development (RND) or Manufacturing (MFG) license package.

The UXR oscilloscope must have UXR firmware release 10.25.1302 or greater.

FlexDCA must have firmware release A.06.70 or greater.