Advanced Amplitude Analysis/RIN/Q-Factor License


Enhanced Impedance and S-Parameter feature provides a fully integrated, real-time, and calibrated TDR and S-Parameter measurement solution in TDR Mode. TDR/TDT and S-Parameters are used for a variety of reasons:

  • Signal Integrity (SI) engineering: Shorten design cycles - accurately characterize single-ended and differential impedances in both the time and frequency domain.
  • Compliance measurements – ensure your device meets specifications.
  • Process control: Maintain consistent quality in printed circuit board (PCB) and passive component manufacturing.
  • Fault location: Identify the location of shorts, opens, or other discontinuities to repair the DUT or gain insights for improvements.

TDR/TDT and S-Parameter measurements are easy to setup and perform. External edge accelerators and remote sampling heads are supported that enable sub-millimeter two-event resolution and S-Parameter measurements to 50 GHz. The Picosecond Pulse Labs 4022 Edge Accelerators and Keysight’s 86118A Dual Electrical 70 GHz Remote Head samplers provide the fastest TDR/TDT system on the market today.

With this option, you can measure S-Parameters quickly and accurately:

  • Complete Single-Ended and Differential S-Parameters.
  • Accurately measure Return Loss, Insertion Loss (Attenuation), Near-End Cross Talk (NEXT), Far-End Cross Talk (FEXT), Phase, and Group Delay.
  • Advanced calibration technique removes unwanted effects from cables and fixtures, which improves measurement accuracy.
  • Export results in Touchstone or .txt format. If desired, use the file to de-embed/embed the DUT using InfiniiSim-DCA.