Legacy Licenses

Legacy Licenses
Description Model Number OPT?1
Enhanced Impedance and S-Parameters 86100-202 202
Advanced Eye Analysis 86100D-401 401
Enhanced Jitter Analysis N1010A-200 200
Advanced Waveform Analysis N1010A-201 201
Advanced Amplitude Analysis/RIN/Q-Factor N1010A-300 300
Productivity Package N1010A-500 500
PAM-N Analysis Software N1010A-9FP PAM
Automatic Fixture Removal in TDR Mode N1010A-BFP AFR
FlexDCA Remote Access N1010A-DCA DCA
FlexEye Independent Eye Acquisition and Analysis N1010A-EFP EYE
InfiniiSim-DCA Waveform Transformation Toolset N1010A-SIM SIM
TDECQ Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure for PAM4 N1010A-TFP TDQ
Data Analytics Web Service Software
As of FlexDCA revision A.06.02, a FlexDCA license is no longer required for this feature.
N8844A-6FP KAP
System Impulse Response Correction IRC
Jitter Spectrum Analysis and SW Clock Recovery Emulation JSA
1. Characters that identify a feature in the string returned by the *OPT? common programming query.