Licensed Features

The Licensed Features tab in the Licensing dialog box shows features added by software package licenses listed in the dialog's Licenses tab. These features are not available on their own as a single license.

FlexDCA Package Licensed Features

This table shows all the available features for all license packages.

Feature OPT?1 Package Licenses
Advanced Eye Analysis F-AEYE
Automatic Fixture Removal in TDR Mode F-AFR
AWG Waveform Optimization F-AOP
Enhanced Impedance and S-Parameters F-ATDR
Keysight Arbitrary Waveform Generator Control F-AWG
Chord Operators (CNRZ-5-EE, ENRZ) F-CSIG
DFE Enhancements: Pulse Response Optimization. F-DFE
Equalizers (CTLE, DFE, LFE) F-EQ
Fractional Divide Ratio F-FDR
FlexEye Independent Eye Acquisition and Analysis F-FEYE
FlexDCA Remote Access Software F-FLEX
Remote connection from FlexRT on a PC to a UXR-series oscilloscope. F-INF
Enhanced Jitter Analysis F-JIT
Data Analytics Web Service Software
As of FlexDCA revision A.06.02, a FlexDCA license is no longer required for this feature.
PAM Inner Level Amplitude Adjustment F-LEV
Multi-Mode Fiber Emulation for TDECQ Measurements F-MMFE
PAM-N Analysis Software F-PAM
Pattern Waveform Analysis F-PAT
Peak Measurements at Hit Ratio: Overshoot, Undershoot and Peak to Peak Amplitude. F-PEAK
FlexPLL application that measures Jitter Transfer Function on devices with a PLL. F-PLL
PAM4 Mask Test Measurements. F-PMASK
Partial TDECQ, Noise Margin, and SER Measurements F-PTDQ
Random Noise: Bandwidth limiting and 802.3cd (η0) support F-RAN
InfiniiSim-DCA Waveform Transformation Toolset F-SIM
NRZ TDEC Measurement F-TDEC
TDECQ Measurement and Equalizer F-TDQ
Unrestricted Data File Import F-UDI
User Defined Measurements and Operators F-UDMO
VEC Measurements. F-VEC
1. Characters that identify a feature in the string returned by the *OPT? common programming query.