FlexDCA Licensing

Use the FlexDCA Licensing dialog to launch Keysight's License Manager and PathWave License Manager applications that are used to install and manage FlexDCA licenses. For an overview of Keysight licensing go to www.Keysight.com/find/licensing.

The following table shows types of licenses managed by the two licensing applications. Features need only to be licensed by one of these applications to be available for use.

License Manager Application PathWave License Manager Application
Click License Manager to open the application. This application has been and remains FlexDCA's tool for the following types of licenses:
  • Node-locked licenses
  • Transportable licenses
Click PathWave License Manager to open the application. This application is new with FlexDCA revision A.06.80. PathWave License Manager supports the following types of licenses:
  • Floating licenses
  • USB dongle-based licenses

When a floating license is installed with the PathWave License Manager, FlexDCA periodically checks the license server to refresh the status of licenses. You can click Refresh at any time to force FlexDCA to immediately check the server.

The dialog's Licenses tab and Licensed Features tabs lists all installed software package licenses, external application licenses, and legacy licenses (no longer sold but are active if previously purchased). Expand the license listing to discover the actual installed licenses.

Three software license packages are currently available for FlexDCA:

  • Research and Development Package (L-RND)
  • Manufacturing Package (L-MFG)
  • Signal Integrity Package (L-SNT)

If legacy single-feature licenses are installed, the single feature licenses category is shown in the dialog. Otherwise, this category is not displayed.

Starting with FlexDCA version A.06.00, the license scheme was changed to reduce the number of FlexDCA licenses while retaining the same powerful features. License reduction makes it easier to purchase the features that you need.

Free 30-day trial licenses are available. Go to www.keysight.com/find/N1000A or and click on the Licensed Software tab.

While using FlexDCA, the presence of this button alerts you that a feature, for example an NRZ TDEC measurement, requires a license that currently is not installed. Clicking on this button opens the Feature Licensing dialog that describes feature and the license which enable the feature.

A problem can occur if FlexDCA has started but more time is needed until Keysight's PathWave License Service is available to confirm a USB dongle license or borrowed floating license. For more information, refer to message 164. The PathWave License Service is still initializing. This can take a few minutes.. See also message 165. PathWave License Service Error.