Advanced Amplitude Analysis/RIN/Q-Factor License

Advanced Amplitude Analysis/RIN/Q-Factor extends Jitter Mode into the amplitude domain from which you can make interference measurements. Advanced Amplitude Analysis/RIN/Q-Factor includes features such as:

  • RIN, Q, and noise measurements and graphs
  • BER Floor and BER Limit and Eye Opening (at a particular BER)
  • Signal Amplitude, RIN, and Q
  • One and zero values for Total Interference (TI), Periodic Interference (PI), Deterministic Interference (DI), Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI), and Random Noise (RN)
  • Additional graphs including BER Bathtub, Noise Spectrum, and ISI-versus-bit Waveforms

On the N1000A, this feature requires hardware option PLK (Pattern Lock Trigger).
On the 86100D, this feature requires hardware option ETR (Enhanced Trigger).