N1010200A Manufacturing Package

Package License:
Flex Apps:

The N1010200A Manufacturing Package License (L-MFG) includes features optimized for using the DCA-X in a manufacturing environment.

This package enables the Manufacturing Package features which are identified in the yellow column (L-MFG) of the following table. If an L-MFG feature is also offered in another package, a bullet is also shown for that package. However, the L-RND and L-SNT columns only show shared features.

When installed, the remote *OPT? query returns a comma-delimited string that includes the L-MFG field.

FlexDCA Features in Manufacturing License Package

This table shows all the available features for the L-MFG license package in the column with the highlighted yellow background. If a feature is also available in another package license, this is marked in non-highlighted columns.

Feature OPT?1 Package Licenses
Enhanced Impedance and S-Parameters F-ATDR
Fractional Divide Ratio F-FDR
FlexEye Independent Eye Acquisition and Analysis F-FEYE
FlexDCA Remote Access Software F-FLEX
Data Analytics Web Service Software
As of FlexDCA revision A.06.02, a FlexDCA license is no longer required for this feature.
Multi-Mode Fiber Emulation for TDECQ Measurements F-MMFE
PAM-N Analysis Software F-PAM
Peak Measurements at Hit Ratio: Overshoot, Undershoot and Peak to Peak Amplitude. F-PEAK
PAM4 Mask Test Measurements. F-PMASK
NRZ TDEC Measurement F-TDEC
TDECQ Measurement and Equalizer F-TDQ
VEC Measurements. F-VEC
1. Characters that identify a feature in the string returned by the *OPT? common programming query.