86115D 20 GHz Optical Module

86100D Mode:

Starting with firmware release A.06.90, 86100D Compatibility mode is no longer being actively tested and supported.

Option 004 Front Panel

The 86115D module provides two broad wavelength, unamplified, optical measurement channels. Option 002 modules include two optical inputs, one for each channel. Option 004 modules include four optical inputs, two for each channel. For each Option 004 channel, an internal, 2 x 1, optical switch selects either optical input A or B. The module provides 20 GHz typical bandwidth (–3 dBo) and is calibrated at 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm. User channel calibration provides for consistent accuracy at any wavelength between 750 nm and 1650 nm using an optical source and a precision optical power meter.

Option 002 modules, include front-panel vertical scale and offset adjustments knobs. Option 004 modules do not have front-panel vertical scale and offset adjustments knobs and these functions must be adjusted using the Channel dialog. Click Setup > Channels.

The minimum required 86100-series firmware version for this module is A.09.00.

When an 86115D Option 004 module used, the FlexDCA application's Channel Setup dialog includes the Input Connector field. This field allows you to select either input A or input B for the channel.

The 86115D requires an 86100D or 86100C mainframe. This module is not compatible with an 86100A or 86100B.

The 86115D includes the capability to perform compliance testing at the following symbol rates:

  • 8x Fibre Channel (8.500 GBd), per T11 FC-PI-4
  • OC-192/STM-64 (9.953 GBd)
  • 10Gb Ethernet (10.3125 GBd)
  • 10x Fibre Channel (10.51875 GBd)
  • OC-192/STM-64 FEC (10.664 GBd)
  • OC-192/STM-64 FEC (10.709 GBd)
  • 10 Gb Ethernet FEC (11.0957 GBd)
  • 10x Fibre Channel FEC (11.317 GBd)
  • 16x Fibre Channel (14.025 GBd), per T11 FC-PI-5
  • 15 Gb (Option 282)
  • 25 Gb Ethernet (25.78125 GBd) (Option 282)
  • 25 Gb Ethernet FEC (27.7393 GBd) (Option 282)
  • 25 Gb 100GBASE-SR4, TDEC measurement (Option 168)
  • 27.952 Gb (Option 282)
  • 32x Fibre Channel (28.05 GBd) (Option 282)

Option IRC

Option IRC provides optical channel System Impulse Response Correction (SIRC) measurement and data files to provide an ideal channel response. SIRC data can be applied in the System Impulse Response Correction dialog box when the 86100D is in Standard or Compatibility configuration. The SIRC correction data feature is a digital filter that is used to:

  • Improve the response of module reference filters to more closely match an ideal receiver.
  • Enable non-standard reference receiver rates or bandwidths.
  • Increase the bandwidth of the channel by up to 50%.
  • Ensures that an eye diagram will look identical between different modules.

SIRC correction data is unique to a specific 86115D's serial number. The data can be purchased with new modules or purchased separately for your existing modules. Purchasing data for an existing module requires that the module be returned to Keysight Technologies. SIRC data is downloaded from Keysight.com. To order SIRC data, contact your Keysight representative or visit http://www.keysight.com/Find/FlexDCA.

86115D SIRC Filter Ranges
Module/Option Channel Range1
Min SIRC Freq. Max SIRC Freq.
86115D All 4.98 GBd (3.73 GHz) 30 GBd (22.5 GHz)
86115D Option 282 All 7.5 GBd (5.63 GHz) 51 GBd (38.3 GHz)
  • 1 Only available with option IRC and compliance not guaranteed.

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Available Options

Option Description
86105D-IRC Provides optical channel System Impulse Response Correction (SIRC) measurement and data files to provide an ideal channel response.
86105D-002 Two optical input channels (Option 002 modules cannot include Option 004)
86105D-004 Four optical inputs (two internal optical 2-by-1 switches, one switch per channel pair) (Option 004 modules cannot include Option 002)
86105D-102 Dual optical input, 8.5 GBd and 9.953 to 11.317 GBd filters
86105D-104 Quad optical input, 8.5 GBd and 9.953 to 11.317 GBd filters
86105D-142 Dual optical input, 14.025 GBd filter
86105D-144 Quad optical input, 14.025 GBd filter
86105D-168 25 GBd TDEC filter
86105D-282 28 GHz Optical BW
86105D-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data