Step 6. Configure Clock Recovery

UXR Scope
Flex Apps:

If you loaded the TDECQ setup in step 2, the settings shown in this step have already been configured.

  1. In the Infiniium Scope Setup dialog, select the Clock Recovery tab. You could also view this tab by clicking the Clock Recovery tile located at the bottom of FlexRT's display.
  2. Note that the Symbol Rate setting is identical to the same setting located in the Timebase and Acquisitiontabs.

  3. Select Enable Clock Recovery, which is the default state. FlexRT uses internal software clock recovery to properly time and view the waveform.
  4. Use the default Clock Recovery settings or change the following settings:
    • The edge detection used.
    • The PLL's loop order.
    • The JTF and OJTF settings.
  5. Close the dialog.