Step 7. Perform Dark Calibration

UXR Scope
Flex Apps:

If a Keysight N7005A or N7004A optical-to-electrical converter is connected to the UXR-series oscilloscope, use the following steps to perform a dark-level calibration:

  1. On FlexRT, click Auto Scale.
  2. On FlexRT, click Tools > Calibration to open the Calibrations dialog. Click Calibrate.
  3. Calibration Status Icons
    Icon Description
    Calibration is current
    Calibration is recommended
    Calibration has never been performed
  4. Turn off, disable, or disconnect any optical input to the N7005A (or N7004A) as instructed by the displayed message dialog. Then, click Next.
  5. During the calibration, the calibration is performed at multiple vertical scale settings which allows you to change the FlexRT's vertical scale without having to perform another dark level calibration.
  6. When the following dialog appears, reconnect your optical signal. Then, click Done.
  7. Wait until the following dialog is displayed indicating that the calibration is complete. Reconnect or enable the optical source.