Keysight Instrument Security - Documents of Volatility

The information herein is provided without warranty.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information.  Due to design iterations and revisions, some minor differences may exist between the information provided here and your instrument.  If a serial number break is provided, please carefully compare the serial number on your instrument and in the document to determine if any changes are relevant to your specific case.

Keysight's goal is to provide information on as many instruments as is practical.  Products that are out of support, obsolete or discontinued may not have a Document of Volatility available.  While a reasonable effort shall be made to include as many instruments as possible, Keysight does not guarantee that one is available or will be made available.

The Documents of Volatility found on this site may reference products that are branded as Keysight, Agilent or Hewlett-Packard.  Several products have been released under more than one of these brands.  A Document of Volatility found at this site applies to the product model number(s) listed in the document regardless of brand.

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