FAQ: What is the update rate when generating SAS curves on the E4360A solar array simulator?

The E4360A SAS samples and adjusts the output more than 2000 times a second. Note however, that the SAS uses digital filtering, which limits the how fast the output can change depending on which part of the output curve the unit is operating at. If the unit is operating on the current side of the output curve, the digital control loop bandwidth is several kilohertz. As the operating point moves to the voltage side of the output curve, the bandwidth of the digital control loop is lowered to maintain stability. The digital filter is in the hundreds of Hertz. However, the unit is always sampling the voltage and adjusting the current at well above 2000 Hz.

Applies to: E4360A, E4361A, E4362A, E4366A, E4367A, E4368A

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