FAQ: Does Keysight offer a basic DC power supply that will save and automatically load (or "remember") the output state when the instrument is turned off and back on?

There are a few options. The U8000 series brings back the last configuration automatically when it is powered on. There is an AUT option for the U8000 series which automatically puts the Output ON when the unit is turned on. Also, the 5700 series automatically saves the last configuration and brings it back when the unit is turned on.

Applies to: N5740A, N5741A, N5742A, N5743A, N5744A, N5745A, N5746A, N5747A, N5748A, N5749A, N5750A, N5751A, N5752A, N5761A, N5762A, N5763A, N5764A, N5765A, N5766A, N5767A, N5768A, N5769A, N5770A, N5771A, N5772A

Applies to: N8731A, N8732A, N8733A, N8734A, N8735A, N8736A, N8737A, N8738A, N8739A, N8740A, N8741A, N8742A, N8754A, N8755A, N8756A, N8757A, N8758A, N8759A, N8760A, N8761A, N8762A

Applies to: U8001A, U8002A, U8031A, U8032A

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