FAQ: What are some of the differences between the 14585A software and BenchVue?

The 14585A software is specific to the N6705 family and the N7900 APS supplies, while BenchVue can control and log data from many Keysight instruments, including scopes, DMMs, function generators, spectrum analyzers and power supplies - other than just the N6705 and N7900.

BenchVue does not currently support the N7900 APS supplies. Also, the 14585A has many more capabilities than BenchVue such as arbitrary waveform capabilities, scope capabilities, custom math equations, CCDF and histogram functions to name a few. If all you want to do is control the N6705 or N7900 using these capabilities, then the 14585A software is for you.

BenchVue is less expensive than the 14585A. But you would not get the extensive control and analysis software that you get with the 14585A. Refer to the 14585A data sheet for a comprehensive list of all capabilities. On the other hand, If all you need are basic control functions (set voltage and current, turn outputs on and off, log voltage and current), BenchVue may be a better choice.

Applies to: 14585A, BenchVue

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