FAQ: Is the 6675A able to sink current, and if so how much can it sink?

There is no specification on the level of current which might be drawn, as it is a function of the output voltage. However, Keysight does not recommend using this power supply as a current sink in any applications.

The 6670 family of power products are switching power supplies. This type of technology requires a load to be always present to maintain circuit stability. Therefore, internally, there is a small (~40W) electronic load to provide stability when there is no external load connected.

Additionally, internally, the 6675A has a large electrolytic capacitor across the ±output terminals. When the 6675A's output is turned off or programmed to decrease its output voltage, the internal electronic load also becomes active to reduce the energy (and therefore voltage) in this filter capacitor. When the user’s DUT is active, or is something other than a pure resistive load, the internal electronic load could draw current from the DUT under “down programming” conditions or on turn-off.

Applies to: 6671A, 6672A, 6673A, 6674A, 6675A

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