FAQ: How do I convert the input line voltage on the 668xA and 669xA series from 400 VAC to 208 VAC (or 208 VAC to 400 VAC)?

The input line voltage can be converted from 400 VAC to 208 VAC or 208 VAC to 400 VAC. This is described in appendix C "Line Voltage Conversion" in the Operating Guide on page 121. The guide is located at http://literature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/5964-8267.pdf

You also need to order a kit to do this. The part numbers are listed in the manual. Also make sure that you use the proper line cord once you do the conversion.

Applies to: 6680A, 6681A, 6682A, 6683A, 6684A

Applies to: 6690A, 6691A, 6692A

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