FAQ: How do I trigger a list transient?

You need to specify a trigger source for the transient trigger, initiate the trigger system, and then trigger it. If any of these steps are missed, the list will not trigger.

Applies to: N6731B, N6732B, N6733B, N6734B, N6735B, N6736B, N6741B, N6742B, N6743B, N6744B, N6745B, N6746B, N6773A, N6774A, N6775A, N6776A, N6777A, N6751A, N6752A, N6753A, N6754A, N6755A, N6756A, N6761A, N6762A, N6763A, N6764A, N6765A, N6766A, N6781A, N6782A, N6783A, N6784A, N6785A, N6786A

Applies to: N6950A, N6951A, N6952A, N6953A, N6954A, N6970A, N6971A, N6972A, N6973A, N6974A, N6976A, N6977A

Applies to: N7950A, N7951A, N7952A, N7953A, N7954A, N7970A, N7971A, N7972A, N7973A, N7974A, N7976A, N7977A

Applies to: N3300A, N3301A, N3302A, N3303A, N3304A, N3305A, N3306A, N3307A

Applies to: 6811B, 6812B, 6813B

Applies to: E4360A, E4361A, E4362A, E4366A, E4367A, E4368A

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