SCPI Programming Reference

This section contains information to help you program the Keysight Truevolt Series digital multimeters over a remote interface using the SCPI programming language.

Introduction to the SCPI Language

Commands by Subsystem

Command Quick Reference

SCPI Error Messages

Power-On and Reset State

Related Information

IO Libraries and Instrument Drivers

The Keysight IO Libraries Suite software and installation instructions are on the Keysight Automation Ready CD-ROM provided with your instrument (optional for 34460A).

Keysight Truevolt Series Documentation

The latest product documentation is available at For documentation for mobile devices, see

For information about connecting instruments to USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces and how to configure and troubleshoot these interfaces, refer to Keysight IO Libraries help. The Keysight IO Libraries can be downloaded from

Web Interface

The 34461A/65A/70A and the 34460A (with option 34460A-LAN or option 3446LANU) have a Web Interface built into the instrument. You can use this interface over LAN for remote access and control of the instrument via a Web browser. See Web Interface for details.