Settings Window

The Settings Window is disabled (blank) until the WLAN Virtual Front Panel is connected to a Test Set and an instrument object created. It contains both information fields such as the Test Set serial number, and data entry fields such as the expected Input Frequency.


Input control, Measurement attributes, Misc, Outputs, and Triggering  - all parameters in these fields can be set. To change a setting, highlight the parameter and enter the required setting or make a selection from a drop down choice. Available functions depend on installed options.

When Set is pressed after performing Autorange on the Instrument Control tab, the parameters are updated to the values calculated by the Autorange function.  

Instrument Information
and Instrument State - all parameters are read back from the Test Set.

Input Control

This section is where you configure the basic setup of the test set with parameters such as frequency and the expected power level from the DUT. Typically these do not need to be changed for a measurement test plan. Refer to the SCPI command links for more information.


Measurement attributes

This section is where you configure measurement parameters such as the maximum packet length. Specific settings required for some measurements are configured on the respective measurement tab. Refer to the SCPI command links for more information.


          SCPI Command: SOURce:DECouple


TTL Output control is not available in this release.


The triggering section enables you to choose the triggering conditions such as the source, levels, and delays.