Connected State

Connected State

Last updated: May 24, 2006

In the connected state, the test set has established a physical link connection (traffic channel) with the access terminal (AT). The AT can use the Reverse Traffic Channel and the test set can use the Forward Traffic Channel and Control Channel to communicate with each other.

( only for lab application ) When the test set is configured to use the Default Packet Application (see Session Application Type ), the connected state only indicates a physical link connection and does not mean that a PPP connection is open. Only if the AT is assigned an IP address during PPP connection establishment procedure, the connected state indicates both a PPP connection and a physical connection are established between the AT and the test set (see AT Initiated Packet Data Connection from Idle State ).

The connected state is a non-transitory state (see TAP/ETAP Data Connection Processing Lifecycle and Packet Data Connection Processing States Lifecycle ).

To query the state of the data connection, see Data Connection State Synchronization .

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