Reverse Data Transmission Mode

Reverse Data Transmission Mode

Last updated: July 22, 2008

This section is only applicable to the lab application and to a test application with the required feature license.

The Subtype 3 and Subtype 4 Reverse Traffic Channel MAC Protocol defines two transmission modes, High Capacity and Low Latency. The Reverse Data Transmission Mode determines which transmission mode is configured for the active MAC flow for the R-Data channel.

The specified transmission mode is displayed on the Call Setup screen in the Application Configuration window.

The transmission mode being configured for the R-Data channel determines the current TxT2P gain (see TxT2P Gain Settings ).

Note that in the following situation, the High Capacity transmission mode is assumed to be used by the AT. For signaling, High Capacity mode for MAC flow 00 is always used.

The Reverse Data Transmission Mode is also applicable to IS-856 Test operating mode with Physical Layer Subtype set to the subtype 2 or subtype 3 (See Release A Physical Layer Subtype or Release B Physical Layer Subtype ).

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