Measuring DTMF

Measuring DTMF

Last updated: September 23, 2009

The performance test standard of DTMF is defined in the section 10.1 of TIA/EIA-690 standard.

Testing 10.1 Dual Tone Multifrequency (DTMF) Signaling

The following procedure demonstrates how to measure the DTMF signaling.

  1. Connect the mobile station's antenna output to the test set's front panel RF IN/OUT connector and power them on.
  2. Press the blue SHIFT key and then the green Preset key to full reset the test set.
  3. Establish a call with the mobile station (see How Do I Set Up an AMPS Call? ).
  4. Initialize the measurement:
    • Press the Measurement selection key.
    • Turn the knob to highlight the DTMF measurement and press the knob.
  5. Press the DTMF Setup ( F1 ) key to access the DTMF Setup menu.
  6. Set the measurement parameters as needed for your measurement situation by using the knob and DATA ENTRY keys. Press the Close Menu ( F6 ) key to close the Setup window.

    It is recommended to set the Trigger Arm field to be single in order to capture the stable DTMF characters. If single is selected in the Trigger Arm field, press the START SINGLE key to trigger each measurement. If the Trigger Arm is set to Continuous then the measurement began executing as soon as you initialized the measurement in step 4.


  7. Press the mobile station keypad to generate the DTMF symbols. A typical display is shown below.
  8. After finishing the measurements:
    • If desired, turn the measurement off by pressing the Measurement selection key, selecting DTMF , then Close Measurement ( F6 ) .

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