SETup Subsystem

SETup Subsystem

Last updated: September 2, 2009


The SETup subsystem is used to configure the test set for each measurement. Typical settings include:

Trigger arming for each measurement is controlled in the SETup subsystem. The choices are single or continuous. In most cases, it is a best practice (during remote operation) to use "single" measurement mode. This simplifies the tasks of starting concurrent measurements, using the INIT subsystem commands to determine which measurements are ready to be fetched, then using the FETCh subsystem to obtain results. The command "SETup:CONTinuous:OFF sets all measurements to "single" trigger mode.


Syntax Diagrams and Command Descriptions

SETup:AFANalyzer (Audio Frequency Analyzer measurements)
SETup:ATXPower (Analog Transmitter Power measurements)
SETup:CAPPower (Access Probe Power measurements)
SETup:CCTPhase (Code Channel Time/Phase Error measurements)

SETup:CFDTune (Fast Device Tune measurements) ( only applicable to the lab application or feature-licensed test application )

SETup:CFERror (Frame Error Rate measurements)

SETup:CMAudio (Multi-Tone Audio measurements)
SETup:CMMPower (Maximum/Minimum Power measurements)
SETup:CPOWer (Channel Power measurements)
SETup:CTDPower (TX Dynamic Power measurements)
SETup:CTXSpurious (TX Spurious Emissions measurements)
SETup:DAPower (Digital Average Power measurements)

SETup:DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency measurements)

SETup:FM (Frequency Modulation measurements)

SETup:FSTability (Frequency Stability measurements)

SETup:GAPPower (Graphic Access Probe Power measurements) ( Lab Application Only )

SETup:GPOWer (Gated Power measurements)

SETup:HWQuality (Handoff Waveform Quality measurements)
SETup:PESQuality (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) measurements) ( only applicable to the feature-licensed lab application or test application )
SETup:SAUDio (Swept Audio measurements)

SETup:SMONitor (Spectrum Monitor measurements)

SETup:STONe (Signaling Tone measurements)

SETup:TFERror (TDSO Frame Error Rate measurements)
SETup:TROPower (Time Response of Open Loop Power Control measurements)

SETup:WDDeviation (Wideband Data Measurements)

SETup:WQUality (Waveform Quality/Code Domain Power measurements)