Responding to Mobile Originated SMS Messages

Responding to Mobile Originated SMS Messages

Last updated: December 3, 2008

This section is only applicable to lab applications and the test application with a required feature license.

Submit Report and Status Report messages are both mobile terminated (MT) SMS messages sent in response to a request from the mobile station. The test set allows you to configure how it responds to these requests, either in a predetermined fashion or in a way that you specify. See the following sections for more details:

Submit Report Mode

SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT messages are sent in response to a SMS-SUBMIT message from the mobile station to report either successful or unsuccessful reception of the message.

You can configure how the test set handles SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT responses. Two modes are available for use:

Negative submit reports (sent via RP-ERR) are only explicitly sendable under the MANUAL mode of operation. When using AUTO mode, positive submit reports are sent (via an RP-ACK message) to the mobile station upon successful reception of a MO SMS message at the test set. If the test set cannot successfully receive the message (for example, if the message is corrupted) a negative submit report is returned with the relevant failure cause. It should be noted that when using AUTO mode, any value you have set for the TP-Failure Cause parameter is not used in constructing the submit report.

There are network (TR2N) and mobile station (TR2M) timers associated with the return of a SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT message. You should ensure that the time taken to respond to a SMS-SUBMIT message when using the MANUAL mode outlined above is well within the limits of these timers (by at least a couple of seconds) if a request to send an SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT is received at the test set out with these time constraints the message will not be sent to the mobile station and the error "+240: Operation rejected; Attempting to send SMS submit report after timer TR2N expired." is returned. Given the timing associated with MANUAL mode, it should only be used in conjunction with polling or interrupts.

When using MANUAL mode, it is important that the SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT message have the Message Reference and Recipient Address fields configured to match those of the mobile originated SMS-SUBMIT message to which it is responding. Without this information, the mobile station can not correlate the report to the correct message.

As an additional testing scenario for MANUAL mode, you may want to intentionally NOT send a submit report to the mobile station to force the timeout and verify your mobile station responds appropriately. This simulates the SMSC in a real network losing its ability to respond properly.

The following GPIB command is available for configuring the submit report mode:


Submit Report Type

  • RP-ACK - Positive submit report to indicate the MO SMS message was received correctly.
  • RP-ERROR - Negative submit report to indicate the MO SMS message was not received correctly and to return the TP-Failure Cause parameter. You can specify the value of this parameter to be returned to the mobile station. See Failure Cause for more information.

The following GPIB command is available for configuring the submit report type:


Status Report Mode

SMS-STATUS-REPORT messages are sent in response to a previous SMS-SUBMIT message from the mobile station which requested a status report. Requesting a status report is a mobile station feature. You may configure your mobile station to request a `receipt' or `report' for mobile originated messages. This is a mobile station configuration depending on how the feature is accessible from the user interface or proprietary interface.

Handling of SMS-STATUS-REPORT messages is configurable with two modes being provided for use:

As the sending of status reports is an asynchronous event, the timing issues outlined in the previous section for submit reports is not relevant to the sending of status reports. The following setting is provided:

CALL:SMService:PTPoint:MORiginated:REPort:MODE:STATus .

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