Point-to-Point SMS

Point-to-Point SMS

Last updated: December 3, 2008

This section is only applicable to lab applications and the test application with a required feature license. Note, the Test Application support text only single message for Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated Point to Point SMS even without a feature license.

The Short Message Service (SMS) as specified in 3GPP TS 23.040 version 3.9.0 provides a means for the exchange of short messages between mobile stations and a network. The test set can simulate an SMSC (Short Message Service Center) which provides for the transmission of short messages to, or reception of short messages from an intended mobile station, and the return of acknowledgments and error messages.

The test set supports the two services that comprise SMS:

Interfaces for Point-to-Point SMS

The test set provides two interfaces for point-to-point SMS:

These interfaces provide methods for you to control and access SMS messages sent to and received from the mobile station. These interfaces are a requirement for the test set to be able to communicate with external components used in any system for verifying the SMS capability of a mobile station.

The majority of parameters available through the GPIB interface are also accessible from the test set's front panel.

HTTP Interface

The HTTP Interface in the test set allows you to configure SMS message parameters and content, send, and receive SMS messages using HTTP protocol. This interface is useful for SMS verification because HTTP protocol is used by most commercially available SMS Gateways. The HTTP interface also allows SMS Gateways to be configured as if the test set is a Short Message Service Center (SMSC), eliminating the need for custom external software to route messages to the correct test set. This emulation of an SMSC makes it possible to route messages directly from the HTTP output interface of one test set to the HTTP input interface of another test set. Additionally, the HTTP interface also facilitates MMS message transfer to and from a mobile station if used in conjunction with compatible MMSC (Multimedia Message Service Center) software.

For more information on this interface in the test set, see the following sections:

GPIB Interface

There is also a GPIB interface for configuring SMS message parameters and content and sending and receiving SMS messages, acknowledgments, and error messages. The GPIB interface provides support for Deliver, Submit, Deliver Report, Status Report, and Submit Report message types.

When using the GPIB interface, you need to generate your own message content and set the correct header parameters for each message you send.

You may still use the GPIB interface with an SMS Gateway. To accomplish this, you must create an external software program to translate between GPIB and a protocol supported by the SMS Gateway.

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