Mobile Terminated SMS Delivery Status

Mobile Terminated SMS Delivery Status

Last updated: December 3, 2008

This section is only applicable to lab applications and the test application with a required feature license.

The test set provides the delivery status of mobile terminated SMS messages on the front panel, or it is accessible via the GPIB or HTTP interfaces.

MT SMS Message States

There are six possible MT SMS message states.

Using the GPIB Interface

The CALL:SMService:PTPoint[:MTERminated]:SEND:STATe? query returns a string indicating the state of the last message sent from the test set to the mobile station.

If the delivery status returned is "REJ", you can use the CALL:SMService:PTPoint[:MTERminated]:RCAuse? query to retrieve the reject cause value returned by the mobile station. See Reject Cause for the meanings of the possible cause values.

Using the HTTP Interface

The state of the last MT SMS message sent from the test set to the mobile station can be queried from the test set using an HTTP GET request with the following URL:


The delivery state is returned in the body of the HTTP response.

Example using an internet browser

You can query the MT SMS delivery state through the HTTP interface using an internet browser by entering the following URL:


where <x.x.x.x> is the IP address of the test set sending the SMS to the mobile station. This example is illustrated in the following figure.

If the state returned is "REJ", the body of the HTTP response also contains the reject cause value as an integer. The reject cause value is placed in the response body after the REJ characters and separated from them by a single space character. For example, "REJ 211" is returned in the HTTP response if the MT SMS was rejected with a cause value of 211. See the following figure.

See Reject Cause for the meanings of the possible cause values.

Reject Cause

Reject Cause Hex equivalent Description
129 81 Short message Type 0 not supported
130 82 Cannot replace short message
143 8F Unspecified TP-PID error
145 90 Message class not supported
159 9F Unspecified TP-DCS error
176 B0 TPDU not supported
208 D0 (U)SIM SMS storage full
209 D1 No SMS storage capability in (U)SIM
210 D2 Error in MS
211 D3 Memory Capacity Exceeded
212 D4 (U)SIM Application Toolkit Busy
213 D5 (U)SIM data download error
224-254 E0-FE Values specific to an application
255 FF Unspecified error cause

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