Protocol Logging

Protocol Logging

Last updated: December 3, 2008

This section is only applicable to the lab applications.

With a lab application, the test set can capture the protocol messages exchanged between the test set and a wireless device. The protocol messages are forwarded via the test set's LAN port to the Wireless Protocol Advisor (WPA) software (which is included with your lab application), so that they can be displayed and analyzed. If you are using the data channel feature of the test set as an IP router to exchange data between the wireless device and a network server, then the WPA can also monitor these communications.

The Wireless Protocol Advisor software runs on a personal computer under the Windows operating system. It is tailored for the capture, display, and analysis of message exchange protocols between the test set (emulating a base station), and a wireless device. The software connects with the test set through the LAN port, to capture messages and data used to set up and maintain links and transfer data. Messages and data can be filtered to include specific protocol layers and message fields.

Most of the information necessary to establish a connection and to display, filter, store, print, and analyze the message exchange between the test set and a mobile station is accessible through the Help feature available on-line when the WPA application is running.

This online help is also available for download at:

To help you get started using the WPA, the Agilent E6584A Wireless Protocol Advisor Operating Guide is available at:


Additional information, including PC operating system requirements and additional protocol logging reference information is listed below.

PC Operating System Requirements

Logging protocol messages requires an external PC with the following system requirements:

Starting and Stopping Protocol Logging

There are several ways to control the logging of signaling messages.

The primary method for starting and stopping is through features found in the WPA software.

The following information describes features available through the test set's remote and manual user interface for performing these functions:

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