ABORt Subsystem

ABORt Subsystem

Last updated: December 3, 2008


The ABORt command causes a measurement cycle in progress to stop. If the measurement is not being continuously armed (trigger arm set to single) , the measurement will remain in the idle state after this event. If the measurement is being continuously armed (trigger arm set to continuous), a new measurement cycle will begin after ABORt. If an ABORt command is issued from any measurement state other than measuring, the command is ignored.

Other Commands that Execute an ABORt Action

INITiate:<meas> will execute an ABORt:<meas> as part of the INITiate:<meas> command.

READ:<meas>? will execute an ABORt:<meas> action that aborts just one trigger sequence and then combines the INITiate and FETCh? commands.

Syntax Diagram and Command Descriptions