Configuring the Broadcast Channel (BCH)

Configuring the Broadcast Channel (BCH)

Last updated: December 2, 2008

The broadcast channel parameters are configured using the following call processing subsystem commands.

For a complete list of GPIB commands in the call processing subsystem, refer to CALL Subsystem .

Broadcast Channel Parameters


GPIB Command

Cell Band


Cell Power


Cell Power State


Broadcast Channel (ARFCN)


IMSI Attach Flag State


Paging IMSI


Auto IMEI Request


Operating Considerations

There are a number of parameters for the broadcast channel and the traffic channel (see Configuring the Traffic Channel (TCH) Parameters ) that can be configured, however the test set's default parameters should allow a properly functioning mobile station to successfully camp on the cell and make a call under most circumstances.

Parameters can be queried from the test set regardless of the state of the test set.

The 3 Digit MNC for PCS parameter defines if the PCS BCCH should be configured using the standard 2-digit MNC (J-STD-007 coding), or the PCS 3-digit MNC (J-STD-007A coding, section The PCS 3-digit MNC is used on the PCS BCCH instead of the 2-digit MNC only when the current cell band is PCS and the 3 Digit MNC for PCS parameter is set to on.

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