Block Polling Parameters

Block Polling Parameters

Last updated: May 21, 2009

The block polling parameters allow you to specify the block polling interval the test set uses to sample blocks sent or received by the mobile station for applicable connection types. There are three connection types the test set offers that apply to block polling interval parameters: Auto , BLER , and ETSI Type B (Ack) . Additionally, there is a separate block polling interval field that you can set that applies to the currently selected connection type. Therefore, there are four block polling interval configurable parameters:

You can configure the block polling interval for the valid connection types at any time with the exception of Block Polling Interval (Current). The test set does not allow you to set the block polling interval for the currently selected connection type if the connection type is not applicable to the block polling interval parameters.

The command to set the connection type is CALL:FUNCtion:CONNection:TYPE .

How Do I Configure the Block Polling Interval Parameters?

  1. Press CALL SETUP .
  2. Press the bottom left More key until Control menu ( 2 of 3 ) appears.
  3. Press Protocol Control ( F4 ).
  4. Press RLC/MAC ( F2 ).
  5. Press Block Polling Parameters ( F4 ). This opens the Block Polling Parameter menu in the center of the screen.
  6. Use the knob to highlight and change the desired parameter.

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