Cell Parameters

 Last updated: October 19, 2014


 User Configurable Cell Parameters

 The following table lists the GPIB Commands to set the Cell Parameters . Please click the Cell Parameter's corresponding GPIB command link for more information on the Cell Parameter. The GPIB Command tables give a description of the parameter, as well as valid settings and firmware requirements.

 All of the parameters listed below are located in the Cell Parameters menu of the test set's front panel. See How Do I Change Cell Parameters? for the procedure to configure the cell parameters. Refer to the Operating Considerations below before attempting to configure the cell parameters.


 GPIB Command

Band Indicator CALL[:CELL]:BINDicator
BEP Period* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:BEPPeriod

 BEP Period2*


Block Sequence Countdown Value Max*


C2 Penalty Time* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:PTIMe
C2 Temporary Offset* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:TOFFset
Cell Bar Access* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:CBAR:ACCess
Cell Bar Qualify* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:CBAR:QUALify
Cell Reselect Hysteresis*


Cell Reselect Offset*


DRX Timer Max* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:DRXTimer:MAXimum
IMSI Attach State CALL[:CELL]:IATTach[:STATe]?
MS TX Power Max CCH (GSM)


MS TX Power Max CCH (GPRS)* CALL[:CELL]:(PBCCH|PBCChannel):MS:TXLevel[:SELected]
MS TX Power Max CCH DCS1800 Offset CALL[:CELL]:MS:CCHannel:POWer:OFFSet:DCS


NCC Permitted* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:NCCPermitted
Paging Coordination CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:PAGing:COORdination[:STATe]
PC Measurement Channel* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:PCMChannel
RX Lev Access Min* CALL[:CELL]:BCHannel:RLAMinimum







Unexpected Page Response RACH*


 Network Mode of Operation*


* Only applicable to the lab application.

 Operating Considerations


The E6701E lab application introduces many of the parameters in the above menu that are not available in the E6701D lab application and E1968A test application. Also, the following parameters that are located in the Cell Parameters menu in the E6701D lab application and E1968A test application have been relocated to different menus in the E6701E lab application: Call Originate Timeout, EGPRS Link Quality Measurement Mode, Get IMEI at Call Setup, Asymmetric Guard Period Length, Paging IMSI, Paging Mode, Paging Multiframes, Repeat Paging, Uplink Frame Segmentation. Please use the CHM Help File for the specific application revision that you have.

The test set's default parameters should allow a properly functioning mobile station to successfully camp on the cell and make a connection under most circumstances.

 Parameters can be queried from the test set regardless of the state of the test set.

 Changes to this parameter (except Band Indicator and IMSI Attach State) can only be made when the Operating Mode is set to Off. See CALL:OPERating:MODE .


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