Logical Link Control (LLC) Layer Configurable Parameters

Logical Link Control (LLC) Layer Configurable Parameters

Last updated: December 2, 2008

This section is only applicable to GPRS/EGPRS.

There are two parameters associated with the Logical Link Control (LLC) protocol layer that you can modify. These parameters are:

BLER Frame Check Sequence

The BLER Frame Check Sequence parameter allows you to force the Logical Link Control (LLC) Frame Check Sequence (FCS) to be corrupted when establishing a BLER mode data connection. When the parameter is set to CORRupt, the test set transmits an invalid FCS to the mobile station. This setting may enable some mobiles to establish a BLER mode data connection which would not otherwise be possible with a valid FCS.

Setting this parameter to VALid ensures that the cyclic redundancy check code within the FCS is valid.

This parameter is only applicable when the data connection type is set to BLER using CALL:FUNCtion:CONNection:TYPE BLER.

If you change this parameter while the data connection type is any type other than BLER, the setting has no effect until a new BLER mode data connection is established.

This command along with CALL:FUNCtion:DATA:BLER:POLLing:INTerval and CALL:FUNCtion:DATA:FRAMe:STARt provide you with additional control over BLER data connection type settings. This may enable the test set to establish a BLER mode data connection with mobile stations which cannot connect under normal conditions.

Payload Patterns

There are two parameters that allow you to specify the type of downlink payload pattern to be sent to the mobile station.

Payload Pattern Data Options

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