Test Mode Burst Timing Error Measurement

Test Mode Burst Timing Error Measurement

Last updated: December 4, 2008

This section is applicable to the lab application and the test application.

Burst Timing Error (BTE) is the time difference between the expected and calculated sync code location within a burst. The expected sync code location is determined by the uplink slot number. You can enable burst timing error test in the test mode.

With BTE in test modes, BTE measurement result is provided to you only if at least one uplink traffic channel is configured and the mobile transmits on the uplink traffic channel. If no uplink transmission is detected, NAN is returned indicating burst timing error result.

The command to set the Test Mode BTE state is CALL:FUNCtion:TBTerror[:STATe] .

How do I configure the Test Mode Burst Time Error parameters?

This procedure describes how you manually configure the Test Mode BTE parameters.

  1. Press CALL SETUP .
  2. Press the left More key until screen 2 of 2 of the Control menu is displayed.
  3. Press Protocol Control ( F4 ).
  4. Press Layer 1 ( F1 ).
  5. Press Test Mode BTE State ( F3 ). This displays the Test Mode BTE State menu.
  6. Use the knob to highlight the parameter and to change the parameter setting.

Operating Considerations

The Test Mode BTE is not available in Cell Off and CW operating mode.

The Test Mode BTE is only used for normal bursts.

BTE in test modes can increase the test speed in manufacturing.

When there are no uplink signals on PDTCH or TCH in test modes for more than 480ms, no Burst Timing Error result is available.

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