Troubleshooting Training Sequence Code

Troubleshooting Training Sequence Code

Last updated: December 4, 2008

This section provides troubleshooting tips on setting the Training Sequence Code (TSC) in the test set.

The test set's BCC and Expected Burst parameters must be set to the TSC used by the mobile station in order for the test set to synchronize with the mobile station.

When the Operating Mode is set to one of the Test Mode Operating Modes , both the BCC (Base Station Color Code) and the Expected Burst TSC must be set to the same TSC value on the test set that your mobile station uses.

When the Operating Mode is set to an Active Cell operating mode, the mobile station automatically sets the uplink TSC to match the downlink TSC (configured with the BCC parameter) in the test set when a voice or data call is made.

The default value for the BCC is 5. This setting for the BCC (or downlink TSC) must match the downlink TSC used by your mobile station.

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